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CrowdFlower is the leading microtask crowdsourcing platform,
offering quality-ensured crowdsourcing solutions at unprecedented scale.


The company solves problems ranging from product categorization to business lead verification
to content creation. Our world-class client roster enjoys increased flexibility

CrowdFlower is a crowdsourcing service founded in 2009 by Lukas Biewald and Chris Van Pelt.,
faster turnaround time, and cost savings.

CrowdopolisCrowdFlower has completed over 450 million tasks (small units of work) since it began operation, and presently does 5 man-years of work daily. Recently, Daily Crowdsource ranked them #1 among crowdsourcing service providers in the quarterly report CrowdCensus. Lead411 gave CrowdFlower their Hot Company Award in 2010, and in the same year the company was awarded the Netexplorateur Prize.

CrowdFlower uses crowdsourcing techniques to provide a wide range of enterprise solutions which process or create large amounts of data. Crowdsourcing is a technique in which a job traditionally performed by an individual or small team is completed by a virtual workforce. CrowdFlower’s expertise is in harnessing a virtual workforce, taking complicated projects and breaking them down into small, simple tasks, which are then completed by individual Contributors (crowd workers).

Crowdflower partnersCrowdFlower has over 50 labor channel partners, among them Amazon Mechanical Turk and TrialPay; their network is composed of more than 2 million contributors worldwide. CrowdFlower stands apart from these individual networks because they offer enterprise solutions and a higher degree of quality control, called Gold Standard Data, which has contributors perform tasks that have already been completed in order to determine their accuracy and trustworthiness.

A system of peer review also helps maintain high accuracy levels. It currently works with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, AT&T, Yahoo!, and eBay.

CrowdFlower utilizes the Cloud of participants on Mechanical Turk
and other similar offer providers to complete Jobs.

CrowdFlower Tasks

Before You start Earning with CrowdFlower register on:
ClixSense TasksClixsense, ProBux, NeoBux or if You Like Bitcoins Use Bitcoinget Bitcoins

In Any Case You Should Sign Up and Set Your profile on CrowdFlower.
ClixSense Tasks
In NeoBux go to Offers > Mini Jobs. In ClixSense
go to Tasks and click Complete Tasks to check how many tasks are there.

A Task or Job is simply a set of instructions that you follow, and get paid for it.

  CrowdFlower Task in ClixSense

For example, there may be a task to categorize images or videos, make google searches, etc...

Most tasks can be completed multiple/unlimited times by you. But, in some cases when we limit the work or pause the job, a message will display on the screen to explain this.

Certain tasks will require you to train for the task before it's completed. Meaning you will be evaluated to see how well you perform in doing the task before you are able to complete it.

Pay attention to any instructions in the tasks or hints attached to questions you answer incorrectly -- these are critical to your success in completing the tasks.

Your accuracy and credits are displayed in the top pane of the task.
Please familiarize yourself with our tasks page before you attempt any.

Many of you will frequently fall below the minimum accuracy threshold for a particular task, at which point you are no longer permitted to continue working on that particular task. Do not get discouraged as this is to be expected and does not reflect a bug. You are then most welcome to participate in any of the other available tasks.

If you have specific questions about the tasks, you should use the Help -> Get Support link in the top right corner of the task. This link takes you to the CrowdFlower's community forum. The first time you visit the forum, you'll need to sign up for a CrowdFlower account. On all future visits, you will need to log into the forum in order to read/post content. You should include your Contributor ID and Job ID (accessible from the Help menu) when communicating with CrowdFlower so that they can look up you history easily.

There is also a FAQ available from the Help menu to help you in case you have any questions.

The amount you can make is up to you. Each task can pay you between a few cents to several dollars per completion. The higher paying tasks of course require more work on your part.
ClixSense Task Page

Once you have completed a task you are INSTANTLY paid for that task and the funds are added to your ClixSense account balance. We show you a complete history of your tasks and earnings.

Most members should find tasks in your account and some tasks may be demographically targeted.

Do not attempt to go into a task and just click through it to try and complete it. There are filters that will not only detect this but it can get your Tasks account suspended permanently. Once a task account is suspended we cannot re-enable it as this is out of our control. Tasks are to be taken seriously and anyone found abusing it may also lose their account.


1. Always open the task in a new window. Right click on the task and select Open in a New Tab.

2. Whenever you want to go for a break click Give Up.

3. With each task you will get instructions and training. If you complete the training properly you will get paid for the training as well.

4. You will be new to the tasks at the first so please have patience. Read the instructions and complete the training properly.

5. While completing tasks you will be judged as per your accuracy percentage. Click Give Up to go for a break.


6. If you make mistake your accuracy percentage will get reduced.
7. If you make many errors then you will get a message as the picture below. 

8. If you get this message, while doing the task from Neobux then you can go to ClixSense and start the same task once again.

9. If you did the task correctly but after you submit the task it gives you an error then don't worry, continue with the next task. In few minutes you will get a reply about the task that was given incorrect. Check the picture below.  

10. After the particular lot of the task get finish, you gets a message as the picture below.Picture

11. Most of the task has 2 pages to complete and get paid. Few tasks has 4 pages to complete but you will get paid higher for that as well.

12. Task Contest in ClixSense:
The tasks weekly contest is a simple contest running from Monday to Sunday
that rewards the top 10 tasks workers. 
The prizes, totalling $100 every week, are distributed in the following manner:
1st ------------------ $50
2nd ----------------- $20
3rd ------------------ $10
4th to 5th ----------- $5
6th to 10th ---------- $2

The top contestants for the current weekly contest, as well as the past winners,
are show on the bottom of the Tasks page.

The winners are paid instantly just a few minutes past midnight of every Sunday.
The rules are simple: Just complete as many tasks as possible on a given week.
In case of a tie, the worker that completed the last task first will be positioned higher. 

There is no need to request approval before participating in tasks.

All you have to do is accept the task and start working.

Instructions are provided at the top of each task.

System will automatically accept responses when a participant submits a HIT or completes an entire offer, as long as that participant's contribution meets accuracy requirements.

Payment is a separate process.
Probux Account
Typically, there is a slight delay between submitting your answers and receiving your reward on our tasks. If you are contributing to a HIT via Mechanical Turk then that delay may take up to 24 hours.
If you are contributing to a task via one of our other offer partners then that delay may be as small
as 15 minutes or as long as two days after offer completion.

When you participate on a CrowdFlower task, your contribution is sent directly to real-world organizations that use this information to improve maps, filter offensive content, conduct academic research, and even save lives.

It is therefore very important that you contribute high-quality responses.

If you feel that our system has treated you unfairly, then be sure to contest the question on the feedback page. You may also send us a clear and concise explanation of the problem using the blue "Send Feedback" button at the top right of the interface, next to your accuracy percentage.

Tasks are set an upper limit on the amount of responses a single worker can submit.
Very few participants ever reach this limit.
If you do reach this limit, then please be aware that it does not reflect poorly on the quality of your contribution, and you are still free to work on any of our other jobs.
 NeoBux Task Page

If you have submitted more wrong answers than CrowdFlower accuracy threshold will allow multiple times, it can sometimes result in banning/flagging from a single job or from our jobs in general depending on how many times you have been banned from individual jobs.

Sometimes security system will automatically flag workers for submitting a suspicious amount of work in a short amount of time, if you are wrongly flagged it is very easy to de-flag you, so feel free to send an email to CrowdFlower if this comes up.

If you leave the task and you have cookies enabled, and do not close out your browser,
you should be able to pick up wherever you left off.
ProBux Task Page

CrowdIf you are completing CrowdFlower tasks, your contribution is completely anonymous.

ClixSense pay a 5% commission to standard sponsors
and a 10% commission to premium sponsors
on all tasks completed by their referrals.

Neobux pay a 12% commission to Standard Member
after completing tasks of $1 and 24% to
Premium members.


Start Earning with CrowdFlower. Register on one or more Sites:
ClixSense TasksClixsense, ProBux, NeoBux or if You Like Bitcoins Use Bitcoinget Bitcoins

Sign Up and Set Your profile on CrowdFlower Dashboard. [Bookmark this link]

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